The Makeover Team is an enthusiastic team of agents who visit KMHB tenants, give them advice on sound home maintenance and award Pivallianiq certification to families meeting program criteria.

Pivallianiq Agents are responsible for meeting tenants to raise awareness about the importance of keeping their homes and immediate surroundings in good condition so that they can live in healthy, safe environments.
In recognition of their efforts, each family receives a free maintenance guide and an eco-kit of cleaning products.* Families adopting the good practices outlined in the guide after at least two visits receive Pivallianiq certification, renewable every year, along with a magnificent memento.
The Pivallianiq certification memento, which changes every year, is used to recognize housekeeping and beautification efforts. Certified families have received several gifts over the years: a quarqtuvik in 2012, an uluk in 2013, a blanket in 2014 and a welcome mat in 2015. Families receiving certification in 2016 will receive a magnificent two-panel curtain set and a curtain rod.
In addition, all certified families who diligently pay their rent throughout the year are automatically eligible for the local and regional draws for big prizes held on the annual Pivallianiq-KMHB Housing Day. Regional prizes include one of the eight gift certificates of a $2,000 value at their local Coop in home furniture and supplies, one of the three gift certificates of a $1,000  value per month for three months or one of the two 3 months free rent. There will also be a local draw in each community where a one month free rent and high quality cookware set will be drawn.

*The home maintenance products must be used at home and in a reasonable manner.

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